Multi Tank Turf Sprayers

Turbo Turf multi tank sprayers are available in any combination of up to 3 tanks, pumps and reels. The unit pictured above has one 100 gallon tank and two 50 gallon tanks. Notice the conveniently grouped controls for ease of operation. . Multi tank units may be ordered with rear or side facing reels. Custom configurations are available.

Pricing a multi tank unit is easy.

  1. Decide how many tanks you want, and what size.
  2. Decide how many pumps and hose reels you want, and which pumps you want.
  3. Select any standard unit that has the proper pump and engine and one of the tanks you want.
  4. Select additional tanks you want from the following list and add he appropriate amount.

50 Gallon $ 600.00

100 Gallon $ 700.00

200 Gallon $ 800.00

  1. Select any additional engine & pump packages from this list.

5.5 H. P. Honda with Comet APS-41 pump $ 1195.00

  1. HP Honda with Kappa 75   $ 2395.00
  2. Select additional hose reels, and mounts from this list

Additional hose,  manual reel, & gun built into multi tank unit $ 595.00

Additional hose, electric reel, & gun built into multi tank unit $ 995.00

Photo of 3 big three tank unit on ground oval tank

Photo of 3 tank unit from rear in back of silver truck   Compost Tea Sprayers